Packz Prepress software for labels & packaging launches new PACKZ 4.0

Nilpeter (stand E12), an exclusive partner of Packz in the Middle East and India, will be launching its latest version PACKZ 4.0 at Gulf Print & Pack 2017.

PACKZ is a native PDF editor and works directly on PDF files without exporting. Visitors to Gulf Print & Pack will be able to find out about new features of PACKZ 4.0 including:

  • PACKZ Smart Ribbon and Palette Dock enable operators to create a work environment that gives faster access to standard and advanced prepress editing features.
  • PACKZ 4.0 increases secure editing and offers in the Analyze and Fix new options to check the contents of the PDF document: mixed barcode paints, distortion check, subset fonts check, size dependent or entire text black knockout, ICC profiles with the same name but different color characteristics, screened objects, and much more.
  • Dimension Arrows and the Dimension Lines functionality adds fast and accurate dimensions to a flexible packaging design, label or folding carton by using page dimensions, reference objects or bag type presets.
  • PACKZ Spread Paint extends the paint of selected objects and allows creating automatic bleed for any kind of step and repeat.
  • PACKZ Staggered repetition has been extended with Staggered Cut.
  • The Step and Repeat solutions have rotation and Turn or Tumble functions to create a back side out of a front side repetition in a fast way. The Page Box sizes are aware of the repetition in its Plate and Paper sizes.
  • PACKZ already featured Object Based Screening and a RIP independent solution to adjust Dot Gain Compensation or control the minimum and maximum dot on the entire design or selected objects in order to match the quality requirements and expectations of the printed result. Now, PACKZ can set curves as an object characteristic.
  • Color Swatches are libraries of named colors. They help to maintain consistency when working on design series and save time when applying colors to objects. The Color Swatch palette allows to create and to manage such libraries.
  • PACKZ catches up with sequential gravure printing where separations are engraved on the same cylinder. 

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