Tech-ni-Fold unveils new digital creasing tool

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Tech-ni-Fold (stand D11) will be showcasing its new Tri-Creaser Fast-Fit solution at Gulf Print & Pack. Opening up new possibilities on folding machines, the Tri-Creaser is designed to retro-fit to the world’s popular makes and models of folding machines. Simple to install and no need of training, in seconds the Tri-Creaser produces amazing creasing results on the most difficult of printed materials.

Using a specially formulated patented rubber, the Tri-Creaser applies a deep crease impression to paper stocks ranging from 85-350gsm and above. The rubber gently stretches the fibers within the paper being processed on your folding machine. The fibers are undamaged therefore when a fold is applied toner flaking or fiber-cracking simply is not allowed to happen.

The Tri-Creaser method of creasing has completely revolutionized the way scoring and folding is performed in printing houses around the world. Conventional scoring tools supplied with folding machines simply cannot produce the same amazing results as the Tri-Creaser. Conventional scoring tools are made of metal and damage the paper stocks.

Those buying the Tri-Creaser can start creasing and folding in-line on their folding machine as one operation and eliminate separate creasing processes that are expensive and too slow for modern-day production demands. The Tri-Creaser will run at the speed of your folding machine and produce results every time. 

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