16 May 2022

Age Graphics focuses on sustainability at GPP 2022

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by Akanksha Meena

Sharjah-based pre-press, press and post-press technology provider, Age Graphics, will be promoting its sustainable packaging and paper-bag manufacturing equipment and will launch ERP at Gulf Print & Pack 2022.

Initially, the company focused on pre-press equipment and sold more than 50 CTP machines in the region. Age Graphics has been supplying pre-press equipment for the last 20+ years and claims to be the first to sell chemistry-free plates in the region. ‘There are a lot of chemicals being used in printing industry and people are very much aware of it. However, only a marginal percentage of customers (in the MEA region) use less chemistry/chemistry free alternatives.' says Jayakrishna Valluru, sales manager at Age Graphics.
‘We have been promoting sustainable solutions since last 20+ years and it is not new to us. We were promoting sustainable solutions in terms of consumables and now we are doing it in terms of equipment.'
He explains that majority of the customers were reluctant to take environmentally viable decisions back then. Still, they are not willing to pay more since such technologies and products cost higher initially but can be cost effective in the long run. Customers need to understand that ‘This is the same as buying an electric car – the initial expense is high but then there are long-term cost benefits along with helping the world be a more sustainable place,’ says Valluru.
As the company grew, it also focused on packaging post press as there was a good demand in this area.
Looking at the current demand in the packaging industry, the company is now exclusively focusing on the sales of manufacturing equipment for eco-friendly products such as paper bags, cutlery, food boxes and paper cups. The company has already sold one paper-bag making machine in UAE to Classic Labels and Packaging this year, which is already installed and is operational, and are in conversation with more than ten potential customers for the same.
Several governments have already banned single-use plastic bags. This is resulting in a surge in the demand for paper bags. ‘We are seeing a great response for paper bag equipment because the government is banning single-use plastic in UAE from next year. This has created high demand for paper bag manufacturing equipment,’ says Valluru.
In line with its 'Sustainable Solutions' goal and commitment to promote eco-friendly products, the company would be promoting equipment for manufacturing of eco-friendly products including paper bag, cutlery, food boxes and paper cups at Gulf Print & Pack 2022. ‘We want to get a message across about paper bags, their advantages and the requirement to adhere to government guidelines on the same.’ Valluru adds.
Age Graphics is has been focusing on expansion as a strategy during the pandemic. 'We have spread our business beyond GCC boundaries and into the African market, which has proven to be a good decision. Another good decision we have taken, is to expand our offerings. Hence ,we are also now dealing with eco-friendly packaging equipment,' he mentions.
New products launch at GPP 2022
Age Graphics will be launching Chroma Checker software for checking accuracy in print and refining print processes to reduce waste. It is a color conformance platform to ensure that right colors are being printed.
It will also launch their ERP software to help print businesses plan better and save materials and will also showcase technology options for eco-friendly products such as paper-bags, cutlery, food boxes considering the impending ban on plastic items from the government.
‘We are very excited that the show is being held after a long time in the region and we are looking forward to meet industry colleagues. We heard that GPP is seeing registrations from Saudi and Africa, and it will be good to collaborate with people under one roof. It will also be a good platform to exchange strategies and ideas to grow our businesses further,' Valluru concludes.

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