02 May 2022

Carbon to launch reusable material at GPP 2022

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by Akanksha Meena

Carbon Middle East, a project management firm in the sustainable packaging segment, will focus on spreading awareness about sustainable packaging and will launch its new reusable material during the upcoming Gulf Print & Pack 2022.  
The company helps businesses (converters and brands) make the shift towards sustainable packaging through consultancy, innovation research, product configuration and business modeling.  
It provides a range of products from machinery to consumables, ‘however at its core, Carbon is a project-oriented company rather than a product-oriented company. Many times customers end up investing in the wrong products. We do not focus on selling any particular product from our portfolio, rather we help our clients identify what products are the best fit for their needs,’ says Jenson George, managing director of Carbon Middle East.  
The company offers consultancy to determine the right investment for its customers. 
According to George, the demand for sustainable products is slowly increasing in the MEA region.  
‘One of the factors for the slow pace of transformation is because even though there is consumer demand, the technology is still at nascent stages. But we see industry leaders funding research in this sector so hopefully, it will develop soon. It is only a matter of time before we see a big wave of change in the sustainability sector in this region,’ he adds.  
Other reasons for increased awareness around sustainability in the region include global brand commitments, consumer awareness and a more quality-conscious lifestyle.  
Carbon sees the most demand for the food sector. ‘I believe it is largely because of an increase in ready meal purchases, change in lifestyle, increased awareness towards healthy eating, all of this combined bring the packaging of the food product into scrutiny as well. Major supermarket chains and food brands are already making the shift towards more sustainable packaging and circular economy,’ George explains.  
He adds that function-driven paper bags and recyclable and repulpable paper cups are already on the horizon in the market. Industrial paper straws in the aseptic packaging sector are also appearing in this region.  
Fresh bakery and fruits and vegetable packaging are another high demand and low functional barrier sector that will adopt sustainable packaging in the coming months in the region.  
In the luxury and FMCG packaging sector, the replacement of metalized PET laminated paperboard with recyclable metalized foil boards is yet another trend George sees in the future.  
‘With the changing recyclable packaging policies in Europe and other strong consumer economies, many converters catering to the export markets for luxury packaging will have to be better prepared to adapt to this new demand.  
‘We believe many business owners in our industry today need unbiased guidance on what is the best direction to take their business towards. Instead of selling products, we will be there to help them identify the right projects that can make their business planet friendly and future proof.’  
At GPP, Carbon will focus on helping businesses identify the right move towards sustainable packaging. 
Product launch at GPP 2022  
Carbon will launch Paptic, its latest material for reusable paper bag application, at Gulf Print & Pack 2022. The new material will be launched through its channel partner Silver Star, which will also be present at GPP 2022.  
Paptic is paper-like material and has won awards in luxury and sustainability categories in Europe, according to George. ‘It is combination of paper and haptic. It feels like cloth, folds like paper and holds like plastic. Paper bag made of the material can hold 32kgs of weight.’  
There are several issues with single use paper products, George highlights. Sustainability should also include reusability. 
‘Paptic can be used as a reusable material for paper bag consumers. Reusable materials such as jute or non-woven materials cannot be converted using current paper converting lines and the automation required for large scale availability makes cost very high.  
‘Paptic behaves like paper on existing paper bag converting machines. So converters can use existing setup and make bags out of it.’  
George expects to meet new customers at GPP 2022 but more importantly, he wants to spread awareness around sustainable packaging and help customers with their journey towards it.  
‘We are focused on sustainability and it has taken us years of trial and error and research. The experience we have gathered in the process will help many prospective clients who want to go into sustainable packaging. Our focus is not on selling our products but rather on creating awareness at the show.  
‘I am very optimistic it will be a good show. We have all been inside our houses for too long. I am expecting visitors from GCC, India and Africa. I am already being contacted by my customers who are getting active as GPP gains traction in news.’ 

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