16 May 2022

Contributing to a sustainable future

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by Akanksha Meena
Sustainability has become a key pillar for every business organization worldwide. The UAE has launched several green initiatives including UAE Vision 2021, UAE Strategy 2050 and going paperless, which is contributing to a more sustainable future.
This has encouraged companies to re-look at their long-term strategy of creating an economic, social and environmentally friendly community for present and future generations. There is also an increase in the demand for environmentally safe, recyclable and re-usable products by brands, which is pushing suppliers to adopt sustainable practices.
Nitya Sabina, marketing and programs manager, Xerox Emirates, says: ‘At Xerox, sustainability is our way of doing business. We align our goals and maintain the highest standards for preserving the environment and enhancing health and safety to make a worldwide impact. We’re lowering the carbon footprint of our equipment, meeting Energy Star requirements and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.’
Sourcing eco-friendly papers from sustainable forestry schemes and making more use of recycled papers is helping preserve ancient growth forests and protecting the wider environment. Efforts over the years to remove toxic chemicals used in manufacturing have resulted in decreased emissions to air and water.
Sabina says that in its manufacturing operations Xerox specifies products that use resources efficiently, reducing waste and recycling what can’t be re-used.
The company minimizes the use of hazardous chemicals with strict internal standards and requirements on suppliers. It has maintained an internal initiative called ‘Waste-Free Factory’, which drives the global implementation of an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system and helps achieve a 94 percent recycling rate for non-hazardous materials.
The company runs Xerox Emirates Recycling Program in partnership with Enviroserve to collect used toner and cartridges for recycling. It has also partnered with PrintReleaf, a certification system and software platform for promoting global reforestation.
How can customers go green?
‘A true test of our commitment to sustainability is making green printing possible. We can help customers work smarter, reduce costs, and deliver green printing services,’ Sabina says.
‘Understand your environmental impact and set goals to reduce them by implementing an environmental management system and using non–toxic toners and vegetable-based inks. Embrace “print on demand” which can contribute to saving space, resources and reduction of waste by almost 30 percent.’
Greater efficiencies come from workflow technologies such as the Xerox FreeFlow, which allows PSPs to automate manual processes and manage print jobs remotely.
She adds that delivering soft proofs to clients via email or the web can reduce paper use, save phone, courier and postage charges, reduce the environmental impact of sending paper by air or ground transportation, and enable faster turn-around.
Seeking environmentally preferable papers such as FSC-certified papers, and recycled content papers can also contribute to a sustainable future.
‘Ensure you are working with environmentally responsible suppliers and automate the production of personalized print campaigns that will motivate recipients to respond and less likely to just deposit them in the recycle bin,’ Sabina concludes.

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