13 July 2021

Fujifilm launches 42K Printbar System

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Fujifilm has launched 42K Printbar System with new options for direct mail, transaction printing and packaging. The 42K Printbar System is suitable for expanding into markets beyond direct mail and transactional print to include folding cartons and corrugated packaging. The new system is suitable as an add-on inkjet printer, or as an imprinting device for hybrid printing.   

The single-pass inkjet printing technology is built to the desired print width by utilizing as many Fujifilm Samba printheads as needed to meet production needs. The system’s expanded print width enables customers to print anywhere they desire across the press web. As a result, there is no need to reposition individual printbars or manage stitch zones as jobs change.   

 The 42K Printbar System’s new options include automatic real-time insetting, new digital front-end options, simplified mounting configurations, a redundant printhead option for higher print speed or higher optical density, a four-color configuration, a rotating head assembly, and automatic splice avoidance.  

The system continues to provide monochrome variable data for text, barcodes, addresses, logos and graphics. It supports PDF/VT file formats, as well as a fluid system sized specifically for each system configuration.  

 It uses a 1200 dpi Samba print head for font sizes as small as 2 points and 1D barcodes as small as 6.7mils.  

 Stephen Atherton, senior manager of product management and marketing for the Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions business, said: ‘The next-generation 42K Printbar System, along with its newly released counterpart, X-BAR, provide a broad portfolio of modern, higher reliability options for our direct mail and transactional printing customers. Neither product requires regular refurbishment. Due to its flexible design architecture, the 42K Printbar System can also be used to effectively support other printing applications such as those in the packaging segment.’  

 In a single row configuration, this system provides print speeds up to 1,000 feet a minute (300 meters a minute). It is also now available in a dual row configuration with print speeds up to 1800 feet per minute (548 meters per minute). The system can be adapted into any number of different on-site workflow and software architectures.    

Greg Balch, vice president and general manager in charge of the Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions business, added: ‘Print service providers require a supplier who can provide best-in-class performance today while also committing to future investments that lead to ongoing product enhancements. The 42K Printbar System, with its proven ability to improve productivity and reduce operational costs, has become our flagship product line.’  

The 42K Printbar System is available now as a product of Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions.  


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