09 August 2021

HP launches new PageWide press

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HP has added a new PageWide press to its HP PageWide corrugated print portfolio and has released new digital corrugated packaging inks and a set of cloud-based PrintOS applications.

HP reported that its PageWide corrugated packaging converters recorded a growth rate of more than 60 percent in 2021 compared with 2020.   
Carles Farre, vice president and general manager, HP PageWide Industrial, said: ‘Supply chains are facing pressures never experienced before, with market trends accelerated by the pandemic requiring converters to deliver faster and flexible packaging. Digital packaging can fundamentally transform the corrugated supply chain for brands in high-volume and mainstream production, especially for e-commerce, food and household products. Time-to-market can be reduced from weeks using analog methods to only days with HP digital, in addition to sustainability advantages of reduced waste, and higher shelf impact with greater design versioning.’   
HP launched PageWide T1195i press for preprint corrugated printing featuring new printhead technology.   
New HP Thermal Inkjet printheads on the 110-inch wide HP PageWide T1195i Press are designed to deliver robust production for roll-fed presses and enable converters to move jobs from flexo preprint and litholam to digital. The printhead technology incorporates thermal control features to enhance preprint system performance. Using these printheads, the press features improved paper handling capabilities to support a wide range of liners and applications.   
Georgia-Pacific’s Hummingbird, a US-based packaging provider, will be the first to deploy the new HP PageWide T1195i Press at a new Phoenix, Arizona site opening later this year.   
HP has also announced digital corrugated packaging inks for the HP PageWide C500 have completed tests and received certification for compostability in home and industrial systems. Din Certco of Germany, a global independent certifying body for compostable products, certified the HP PageWide C500 CV150 HP inks with a ‘mark of conformity’ for the composting process, confirming the inks are ‘additive harmless to the composting process.’   
HP PageWide C500 press prints can be used as packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation in accordance with leading standards, such as EU regulation EN 13432. HP PageWide corrugated inks were also tested and found recyclable by Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) of Germany using standard processes.   
HP’s water-based inks can be used for food and sensitive product packaging and meet leading global food safety and environmental guidelines, such as USDA FDA 21 CFR, Nestlé guidance, Swiss Ordinance, and EuPIA. The inks contain no UV-reactive chemistries, requiring no additional barriers for food packaging applications, the company claims.  
The company also released a new set of cloud-based PrintOS applications for HP PageWide C500 owners to improve their overall site efficiency and to optimize the management of their production floor, including:   
PrintOS Mobile App – a tablet or smartphone app that tracks real-time status and updates of job status and production improvements, such as daily count of printed square feet and press availability.  
PrintOS Print Beat – an optimization app that delivers press and consumables historical and near real-time data for better, faster decision-making and improved print operations.  
PrintOS Jobs – provides jobs data including consumables, substrates, print time and more. Enables streamlining of production status and job-costing data such as substrate usage and time invested, to a management system (MIS or ERP), to understand the true cost of completed jobs for more accurate quoting.  
PrintOS Supplies and Inventory Management app – allows customers to optimize inventory levels.  
HP has also collaborated Fosber and Erhardt +Leimer (E+L) to enable the synchronization of digital preprint to corrugator job changes within a roll with solutions that can be part of new corrugators or retrofitted onto existing corrugators. 

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