11 May 2021

Industry Leader Taghleef Industries celebrates 15 years

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Taghleef Industries Group (Ti) celebrates its 15th anniversary, honoring 15 years of growing, integrating, and creating a culture of its own.

In the last 15 years, Ti has expanded through strategic thinking, focused investment, and integration of eight companies around the world. To date, Ti has reached an installed capacity of approximately 500 kilotons, and the company’s global reach has continued to increase to six continents, 120 countries, 11 manufacturing plants, six research centers, seven major distribution centers, and more than 2,900 employees.
The company’s achievements over the past 15 years provide Ti with the experience and motivation to push forward and accomplish even more. Ti’s chief sales and marketing officer, Patrick Desies, said: ‘As we move forward, we will be defined by our capabilities, not just our capacities.’ Ti's desire to serve its customers and communities along with its resources and global presence allows the company to provide solutions and films of the highest quality.
When the company was formed in 2006, its mission was to provide -Packaging Solutions Worldwide. Today, Ti proudly promotes its refreshed tagline - Together we Innovate, which represents the collaboration and innovation the company embraces. Ti delivers innovative solutions, collaborates with partners, and serves customers around the world, while working hard to leave a positive impact and to entrust an environmental conscience to future generations. In addition, Ti has leveraged its reputation and six research centers to accelerate positive change in the thoughtful use of materials. To support these goals, Ti introduced the dynamic cycle initiative which encompasses the company’s green portfolio of products and services. We want to be a consultant voice for the industry.’ 
To commemorate its 15th anniversary, Taghleef sites across six continents are planning unique ways to honor its history and celebrate its achievements while eagerly anticipating what the future will bring. Join in celebrating this milestone by following Taghleef Industries on LinkedIn and YouTube and see their latest corporate video.

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