20 December 2023

Jafra plastic industries showcases a varied portfolio of products

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The company caters the flexible packaging, print and lamination, construction, agriculture, and other industries

Jafra Plastics specializes in shrink film (shrink), ‘alternative sophisticated boxes and cartons’, polyethylene films which are used for printed film, and agricultural plastic films. It also produces and manufactures a comprehensive range of flexible polyethylene films. 
Jafra will be present at Gulf Print and Pack 2024 to exhibit a multitude of products including Stretch hood, PE lamination and printing film, heavy-duty plastic shipping bags, and shrink films. 
Stretch hood: A stretch hood is a modern way of pallet packing. It is a tube of 3-layer sleeve film sealed on one end, stretched over a pallet to secure the contents. It has high elasticity to recover and hold the load firmly on a pallet. This is important when transporting goods over long distances. 
PE lamination and printing film: It is used in the packaging of food and pharmaceutical products. Lamination is the process of laminating plastic film together to help preserve the coated materials and store them for a longer time, manufactured in co-extrusion with one side treated to make them able to be printed on. 
Heavy-duty bags: These are plastic shipping bags, as a part of the industrial packaging sector, used to transport bulky materials from one place to another. Heavy-duty plastic bags for shipping are constructed using strong polyethylene films which are designed to serve as holding. 
Shrink film: It is a clear plastic film that is used to package millions of products around the world. Shrink film is called shrink wrap because it shrinks around the product being packaged when it is exposed to heat. It is a well-established and cost-effective method of collating cans, bottles, cartons, and palletized goods, and also offers the transportation benefit of low weight. 

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