22 January 2019

Latest developments from Lemorau

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Lemorau will be exhibiting several machines at Gulf Print & Pack 2019. This includes:

The ER 400 - a roll lifter that can be customized according to customer needs.

The LEMORAU CTA 1500 - an automatic core cutter that is very user-friendly, with core positioning by servo motor, core edge trim function, automatic core length measurement and can cut up to 40 cut/min.

Lemorau is also exhibiting their latest development - the LEMORAU MEBR+ - a digital finishing machine built in a modular concept. These modules can be added over the years as clients find it necessary to add other solutions without much cost. MEBR+ can run in full rotary and semi-rotary mode. In full rotary it can run up to 120m/min, and at the end of 2018, a new optional speed pack was developed for semi-rotary mode that can run up to 80 m/min.



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Latest developments from Lemorau | Gulf Print & Pack 2019


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