30 November 2023

Making inroads with technology, embellishments and upgrades: Konica Minolta

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By Shilpa Jasani

Manufacturers of business and industrial imaging products Konica Minolta will be showcasing new and updated printers along with their tried and tested machines at the next edition of Gulf Print & Pack 2024. 
Taking time out from his busy schedule, Nayyar Ansari, business development manager, Konica Minolta spoke about the strengths and potential uses of the new printing presses that Konica Minolta plans to launch at the exhibition.  
Excerpts from the interview below:
Gulf Print & Pack: We hear Konica Minolta will be unveiling the AccurioLabel 400 label printer at the next edition of Gulf Print & Pack .  Can you specify which features have been added to this machine over the previous edition, the AccurioLabel 230 and how it will benefit the end user?
Ansari:  AccurioLabel 230 is our 3rd generation printer since the launch of label printers in 2016-17. This printer along with the previous generation C71CF and the AccurioLabel 190 were designed for the mid-segment customers, meaning those with short run requirements. Our customers included converters, packaging suppliers and brand owners and we are proud of exceeding 1,200 installations worldwide, which itself is an acknowledgement of the quality of our label printer and its great value for money proposition. This successful run of the AccurioLabel 190, 230 and C71CF encouraged us to design the next-level AccurioLabel 400 to target high-end customers, meaning those with large print volumes in the digital domain. AccurioLabel 400 offers enhanced features including doubling the production capacity, inline and real-time colour management system, white colour, standard over print function, enhanced design to handle larger print volumes and consistency for longer run lengths. Also, the customer can enjoy the inline options of web cleaning, corona treatment and cold lamination.
Gulf Print & Pack: How would the AccurioLabel 400 value-add to the printer's business and how would it compare - price-wise - with the competitor's digital label printer?
Ansari: With proven Konica Minolta technology, AccurioLabel 400 has state-of-the-art inline and real-time colour management and long-run colour consistency features. It can handle most media and substrates without any pre-treatment, and the addition of white colour. It also provides customers with an additional window to enhance their service portfolio and expand market reach. AccurioLabel 400 is competitive from both investment and operational perspective, making it commercially viable for faster ROI.
Gulf Print & Pack:  Has the printer been adapted with any features that make it particularly suitable for the UAE and Middle East markets?
Ansari: Konica Minolta’s strong support for sustainability has ensured that the label printer is designed for minimum wastage, increased automation, and reduced requirements for manpower.  The AccurioLabel 400 brings enhancement in many ways, making it adaptable for the Middle East and UAE markets.
Gulf Print & Pack: Speaking about the AccurioShine 3600, that Konica Minolta would be displaying at the Gulf Print & Pack booth – can you describe the special features of the printer making it the first choice for a printing house to purchase for its embellishment requirements?
Ansari:  AccurioShine 3600 is Konica Minolta’s answer to transforming the analog process of embellishment into a digital process. All printers provide value add services but through conventional processes, which are time consuming, carry the risk of inaccuracies, need block making, also needing screen technology, bigger volumes, need expert or trained operators, take longer time for starting a job, and more difficult to change content, require a separate process of spot and foil etc.  These are the difficulties with the conventional processes.  AccurioShine 3600 has simplified the process of embellishment in manifold ways. There is no requirement for screen and block making, no minimum quantity requirement, content can be changed during the process, variable parameters can be applied, the job can start immediately, no drying time, one file can have multiple designs and textures, print as and when needed, thereby reducing wastage, simple file submission and ease of operation, skilled labour not required, most media adaptability without pre-treatment, inline process for both spot and file applications. 
Gulf Print & Pack:  How adaptable is the AccurioShine 3600 to meet the different needs of clients? If you could provide examples of unusual/different requirements of clients that the AccurioShine 3600 was able to fulfill?
Ansari:   AccurioShine 360 is suitable for both - commercial and packaging applications. Our customers produce a lot of variety of work from labels, magazines, brochures, business cards, certificates, photo books to perfume packaging, invitations, among others.
Gulf Print & Pack: The AccurioPress c14000 is more expensive than its competitor, which also has a 5th colour station.  Why should a customer choose to buy Konica Minolta's AccurioPress c14000? Can you explain the features that make buying the production printer worthwhile? How does the c14000 stand apart on speed, efficiency, waste reduction or ROI?
Ansari:  The AccurioPress C14000 is a complete value offering for printers. It was designed for ease of use, simplicity, and automation. The printer is equipped with an intelligent quality optimizer, it meets printshop requirements to produce correct colours, while also offering inline and real time colour management covering colour density control, colour balancing, profile creation and auto back-to-back registration. These functions ensure faster production without stoppage, no wastage, most media compatibility with duplex support and consistent production with no speed drop. AccurioPress C14000 is a real power horse, offering an elevated level of print quality and a great- value -for-money machine and technology overall. 

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