13 October 2023

Mood Group discusses MEA industry trends 

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Barry Killengrey, Event Director, Gulf Print & Pack, recently had the pleasure of meeting Marcus Doo, Managing Partner, Mood Group, a leading global executive "search" firm. Mood Group is based in the UK and specializes in supporting organizations within the packaging and print sectors. During their encounter, they engaged in the following insightful conversation.

Q:Could you tell me about Mood Group and its focus?
A:Mood Group is a distinguished executive search firm specializing in supporting organizations within the global packaging and print sectors. Our expertise lies in identifying and securing top-tier senior executives who possess the acumen to propel your business forward. Leveraging our profound understanding of the unique challenges, opportunities, and industry trends in packaging and print, we meticulously select and attract the most suitable executive talent for your organization's success.
Q: What is Mood Group experience with digital printing versus traditional offset printing?
A: Our experience has shown that clients now wish to provide the benefits of both processes to their present and future client base. Mood Group delivers candidates from a multitude of management, operational and business development back grounds, who know and understand the “truth and value” of both processes and enable the client to quickly develop new partnerships with their clients with increasing profits and return on capital.
Q: How do you advise clients to communicate with team members and other departments to ensure smooth project coordination?
A :Our advice to clients is to use a sophisticated digital workflow and a MIS / ERP / Digital storefront to manage their relationships with clients and their own internal processes. Experience has shown that by recruiting someone externally that understands the benefits of how the afore mentioned can and should operate/deployed, gives the company a strong commercial competitive advantage.
Q:Establishing and nurturing relationships with vendors and suppliers is critical within print & package production, in particular a print manager's success. What strategies do you recommend that will maintain strong relationships with vendors and suppliers?
A:The strategy we recommend to our clients is we seek to become a value-added partner to their business, which we can only achieve by reaching a very clear understanding of their business and their short, medium and long-term business objectives. We recommend our clients hold us close to their confidence as a trusted partner of preferred choice, who knows and understands their processes and can be turned to at a moment’s notice for any executive search requirements safe in the knowledge we can execute quickly and effectively. We advocate treating your Executive Search partners almost as if they were an internal department which you only compensate as and when required, but in every other respect consider them as part of your team. Our advice is to be as transparent with them as possible, teach them your culture and preferences and treat them with the value you would place on any other vital resource within your business. 
Q: What are your views on quality control in package print production & how can businesses become more efficient and profitable?
A: Quality control is imperative and our experience with our clients is those that recruit/deploy experts in this area(s) within their business will stop “seepage” of profits and thus ROI. Our recommendation to clients is to recruit management who focus on the policies and procedures of the business and through which ever QA / QC programs/systems they choose to implement, make QA/QC a key element of your business.
Q: Efficiency and sustainability are key elements in this region for print production. How important is sustainability in purchasing and investment decisions, and customer relationships?
A: “Sustainability” is centre stage for all our clients – forwards and backwards integration between convertors and their suppliers/clients naturally extends to sustainability targets and we find the Executive Search briefs we receive from clients are reflecting the importance all within the value chain are placing on the subject.

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