04 May 2021

Nestlé innovates Kit kat’s packaging and design for Ramadan

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In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, Nestlé has launched KitKat ICON, a first in KitKat’s history to launch a product in completely new shapes. Apart from it the brand has given a festive and premium look and feel to the packaging of the product, making it a gifting option.
The design behind the Ramadan ICON collection, are 5 iconic characters to create a smile in everyone’s break.
Emile Douaihy, Nestlé business executive officer – Confectionery, Biscuits and Snacks, Middle East and North Africa commented: ‘Being in the region for decades, we have always paid a special tribute to the Holy Month of Ramadan. KitKat is a brand widely loved by consumers in the region, and to honor and delight them on this Ramadan we have launched KitKat ICON, so they can enjoy a post iftar break with family and friends.’

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