30 November 2023

Pioneering Sustainability with NDigitec

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In an era where environmental concerns are at their peak, and where sustainability has taken center stage in the global business landscape it's imperative to go beyond the conventional and embrace eco-friendly practices and trends in the printing and packaging industry. Recycling, emerging as one of the key trends driving positive change, is not a novel concept, and has gained unprecedented importance due to the heightened environmental consciousness worldwide. 
NDIGITEC, an innovative prepress, premedia, digital printing & creative technologies production company with over two decades of expertise in the Middle East region, has unwavering dedication to promoting environmental responsibility. The company recognizes the significance of recycling and also wholeheartedly embraces it as an integral part into its printing and packaging services. 
The material that deserves special mention in NDIGITEC’s arsenal is D-Board (inverter corrugated Board), a game-changer in the world of exhibition equipment. The technological usage of D-Board has become an essential factor in NDigitec’s know-how. D-Board, made from recycled materials, being cost-effective, lightweight, with an excellent surface for printing, and so on, has irreplaceable advantages. 
NDIGITEC’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond materials. Their prepress products are evolving with each passing day, gaining even more sustainable privileges and attributes. The company's unwavering dedication to using innovative materials and the ongoing efforts to make the prepress services more sustainable serve as an inspiration to businesses across the region. NDIGITEC’s crystal clear priority - “investing in the future, creating compositions beyond imagination, and paving the way for a more sustainable world”.


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