02 June 2021

Sharp rise in raw material costs leads to price adjustments at Heidelberg

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To cushion the disproportionately sharp rise in material, logistics, and other procurement costs, Heidelberg will moderately increase the prices for its equipment business with immediate effect. This adjustment is being made in an economic environment of rising demand and costs for raw materials. Heidelberg says it is a necessary step to continue offering customers innovative solutions and first-class service.

‘The current price development of raw materials shows an unprecedented upward momentum,’ said Rainer Hundsdörfer, CEO of the company. ‘Primarily due to the high demand from China as well as the global megatopic of electromobility, procurement costs have risen significantly in the short term. In recent months we have exhausted all possibilities to avoid an imminent price increase. We want to grow together with our customers and continue to be a reliable partner in a changing market environment. The moderate price increase that is now necessary will allow us to further expand our innovation leadership and is therefore also an investment in the future,’ added Hundsdörfer.

The focus is on the customer with requirements to optimally develop and utilize their business potential through state-of-the-art technologies, innovative solutions, and new business models. Heidelberg offers the print shop with a view to the decisive factors, such as process optimization and intelligent, operator-independent productivity.

To this end, all Speedmaster models in small, medium, and large formats are equipped with the new ‘push to stop’ functions and a cloud connection as standard. This means that all customer groups can enjoy the steadily growing range of cloud-based software solutions and benefit from future developments. Exciting innovations in the field of intelligent assistance systems and AI impressively demonstrate what is already possible today and where developments will go in the coming years.


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