12 October 2023

Sigma Labels looks to expand into foils

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The company is looking forward to investing in inkjet printing machinery and converting machinery for aluminum foil.

Jagannath M Wagle established UAE-based Sigma Label in 2010. The company produces a wide range of self-adhesive labels including product labels, industrial labels and cargo labels. Finishing options include cold foil stamping and lamination. 
Labels are UV printed in both sheet and roll form and supplied to industries such as pharma, cargo, steel, food and plastics. 
Wagle started his career in labels working at his uncle’s printing business named Haroon Labels, where he learned about the processes of making stickers and barcode labels. In 2010, he established Sigma Label with all the knowledge gained at Haroon Labels. He started with a 3-color flexo press from Mark Andy, followed by a new 8-color flexo press from Multitec. In 2017, Wagle added a new Bobst machine to increase its production capacity.  
According to Wagle, 2020 was a turning point for the company as it invested in setting up an in-house plate-making from Esko and then bought the Master M5 flexo press from Bobst. During Covid, Sigma produced a range of labels for hand sanitizers. After that, in 2022, Sigma installed a brand new Lombardi press to print short runs of shrink sleeves. The company added digital print capability with a Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230.
Wagle said: ‘Our primary focus is on self-adhesive labels, so we installed Bobst presses and now with Konica Minolta’s AccurioLabel 230 label press, we are targeting the smaller market for short runs. With Esko water-washable plate-making, we grew and were able to increase our productivity, improve the quality and save time. In July 2022, we invested in Lombardi specifically for short-run shrink sleeves as we found good potential for shrink sleeves in the market. We have software that can provide our customers with a 3D design for jobs according to their requirements and this makes us apart from others in the Mena region.’ 
Sigma Labels services the food and cosmetic industries with both wet-glue paper and OPP labels. Now, it is planning to introduce aluminum foils. Wagle plans to visit Labelexpo Europe in Brussels this September to look for the aluminium foil converting machinery.  Sigma Labels is also planning to invest in an inkjet press
Speaking with Wagle about labels trends, we learned that businesses are looking for digital printing and high-raised varnishes. He said: ‘No doubt, the self-adhesive market is growing and competition is increasing daily, but nowadays, customers in the food and cosmetics industry are doing great for self-adhesive labels. In the Mena region, many startups are open now, so the demand for short-run jobs is increasing. Demand for labels in every industry is growing everyday; without this, no product can be introduced in the market and hence, the future of various labels is bright. Today, many big companies are also concerned about sustainable packaging as they can take the burden, but smaller companies don’t have the budget, so they don’t practice such things.’ 
Sigma is also working on anti-counterfeit technology for its brand customers. One such is an embedded scannable code in the artwork that can’t be recognized by human eyes but can be read by the cameras and linked to authentication websites or particular secure locations. Other anti-counterfeit technologies the company is using include holograms and micro text. 

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