13 July 2021

Suppliers identify new technology trends across MENA region

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by Shradha Mishra, deputy editor
The global pandemic has created new dynamics across the label and packaging markets in the MENA region. This includes an accelerated growth of e-commerce.

Ranesh Bajaj, director of Vinsak group, agrees that e-commerce has spurred growth in the region and increased demand for packaging equipment and raw materials.

 Other key trends, already present before the pandemic, include a growing demand for tamper evident labels and growing use of QR codes. Bajaj notes, ‘brands are using QR codes in labels for serialization of products. FMCG companies, food delivery companies, e-comm companies, electronic companies are putting it on their products.’

 BN Pandey, general manager of Al Maha Printers sees a growing labeling requirement from bottled water and liquor brands. He also sees an increase in flexible packaging demand as local brands explore new packaging formats and consumers turn towards more packaged foods in MENA market.

‘There is also a huge thirst for sustainability whether it is a label, bottle, or carton. Brands across categories are getting into reducing the amount of plastic in their products or use sustainable materials or use materials that are less harmful to the environment.’

Vinsak’s Bajaj agrees, and sees a major trend towards linerless labels and towards digital marking of recycling symbols. ‘Brands are becoming very conscious about the sustainability in packaging in ME.’

Looking to the future, Bajaj sees good growth prospects across Africa’s print industry as manufacturing begins to pick up from a low base and goods are increasingly manufactured in-country.  

‘The smart move of governments across Africa on asking their industries to produce locally has given growth to the business and economy of countries like Nigeria and Ghana. Even the demand of packaged products is growing there,’ concludes Bajaj.


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