04 May 2021

Xeikon adds CX50 press for wall décor

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Xeikon has introduced the CX50 press as an all-in-one streamlined technology including inline finishing for a wide range of substrates for short-run custom wall covering applications. The new press is introduced as a key part of Xeikon’s Wall Deco Suite and with its environmentally friendly dry toner technology with extended color gamut.

Dimitri Van Gaever, market segment director for Graphic Arts, stated: ‘Xeikon has once again led the way in bringing to market a complete end-to-end solution for wall decoration production. What we have put together is a complete automated Wall Deco factory coming together to produce a quality finished coreless roll.   
‘The Xeikon CX50 digital press fits perfectly into our portfolio for wallcovering applications, midway between the Xeikon 3050 REX entry-level option and our high-end Xeikon CX500 digital press. For higher speeds, the Xeikon CX50 can be upgraded from 20mpm (65ft/min) to 30mpm (98ft/min). With Xeikon’s dry toner technology and advanced color management capability with new generation interfaces and cloud connection, the Xeikon CX50 simplex digital press is designed to offer maximum OEE and TCO.’   
The Xeikon CX50 is driven by Xeikon’s X-800 digital front end for full automation and integration. Xeikon’s Digital Front End (DFE) workflow can be integrated with common ERP and MIS systems. The X-800 workflow, which is the same across all Xeikon dry toner presses, features a ‘poster layout’ function for murals and wallcoverings to ensure spot-on registration for seamless installation.  
The press features an integrated on-press inline spectrometer and an optional registration camera for accuracy of color reproduction. The Xeikon CX50 press provides ‘superior color consistency' and an extended color gamut. Xeikon’s developed dry toner is available in CMYK, red, blue, green, orange and magenta, plus additional colors such as one-pass opaque white and colors produced on customer request.  
Inline finishing equipment has been specifically designed to work within Xeikon’s Wall Deco Production Suite and includes inline water-based varnishing, slitting, waste removal and coreless rewinding, providing a fully finished wallpaper roll, ready-to-ship, in one operation.
Van Gaever concluded: ‘Part of Xeikon’s ongoing value proposition is to offer the market choices to help customers drive business growth. We believe a successful and cost-effective investment in a digital production solution works best when it is based on expected and realistic print volumes.
‘The Xeikon CX50 press is ideal for those working in wall decoration production with flexible orders and shorter runs. With its capability to upgrade to higher speeds, an investment in this press ensures and secures future business growth. With Xeikon’s longstanding expertise, we can help our customers make relevant and appropriate choices. We are recognized as a "go-to" trusted advisor and solutions provider. With the introduction of our Xeikon CX50 digital press for Wall Decoration, we strengthen our comprehensive portfolio so that our customers can find everything they need from Xeikon.’

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