20 December 2023

YG group exhibits its comprehensive range of adhesive products

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YG GROUP is an adhesive products supplier, established since 2002. It focuses on functional adhesive materials development and production. Its products are widely used in logistics packaging, building materials decoration, office stationery office, hardware labor insurance and other fields. The sales network covers more than 110 countries and regions around the world. Its customers include 3M, TESA, Walmart, Bulls, etc. Its products are used in logistics packaging, building materials decoration, office stationery, hardware etc
  Its various self-adhesive label products include: 
Self-adhesive papers: Semi-gloss paper, high gloss paper, direct thermal paper, thermal transfer paper, wood-free paper, etc. 
Self-adhesive films: Synthetic PP paper, BOPP film, PE film, PET film ( clear, bright white, matte white), etc. 
Special materials: Freezer glue labels, laser films, fluorescent papers, metal films, etc. 
Lamination films: Clear, super clear, matt 

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